The Activities of the Society include:

Working groups

In order to support international co-operation and collaboration the EWRS supports 'working groups' of scientists in specific disciplines within weed science. These working groups aim to foster collaborative experimentation as well as organising international meetings. The structure of the working groups is continually under review to ensure the greatest scientific benefit and the best use of resources.

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Organization of symposia and conferences

  1. These often include sponsorship for young scientists (include a link to a page that presents rules for participation to the EWRS travel grants)
  2. The International EWRS Symposium that is organised every 2/3 years
  3. Regular Working Group meetings where experts and young researchers meet and discuss about specific issues.
  4. Occasional education and training courses including statistical analyses techniques generally needed in weed research or weed identification or weed ecology courses. 


  1. Weed Research is the official journal of the Society. 
  2. Proceedings of symposia and conferences.
  3. Technical Bulletins based on the activities of working groups.
  4. The EWRS bookshop provides access to all the past proceedings and technical bulletins created by the society.