Membership Fees & Payment

Ordinary Member: 60,00
Student Member: 30,00
Senior Member: 30,00
Honorary Member: 0,00
Sustaining Member: 350,00
Affiliated Member Organization: 0,00

New Membership

Please follow the instructions during registration and consecutively continue to the payment page and complete the payment of the fee applicable. Payment occurs in the online SSL secured internet cashier site. Without completion of the payment procedure your registration for the membership is not valid and is not accepted.

Credit Card payment

See Fee Payment Procedure below in the text. After completion of the online registration form, you will immediately be leaded to the payment page. We prefer payment with a credit card. One credit card may be used for different payments after login to the different membership records of concern.

PayPal payment

See Fee Payment Procedure below in the text. After completion of the online registration form, you will immediately be leaded to the payment page. 

Money Cheques not acceptable

We do not accept money cheques for payment of the fee invoice!

Bank transfer not preferred

We do not prefer fee payment with an international bank transfer!
In case you need to pay the fee with a bank transfer, please also > follow the online payment procedure > follow the online instructions > use the Payment Reference Code. See the bank transfer instructions at the bottom of this message.

Online Membership Registration and Fee Payment

During completion of the online registration form, you will be leaded to the payment page, located on a secured payment website to pay the fee. Please follow the full online payment procedure to the end, also in case of payment with a bank transfer. In case of a bank transfer you need to insert in your own Bank Transfer Order the Payment Reference Code which is shown to you on a printable page when you follow the procedure for bank fee transfer. You obtain the society's membership only by completing the registration form online and online payment of the fee. The membership will be activated directly after online payment by Credit Card or PayPal of the fee applicable. The payment with a Bank Transfer Order will lead to delay in the Membership Application Procedure. After reveipt of the Fee payment you will be subscribed at Wiley-Blackwell to our journal Weed Research automatically.

The Membership is only available for private individuals

This implies that the Ordinary and Student member is responsible for payment of his own fee.  Payment of your own fee is to be executed after login to your own registration record only. Of course you may hand-over your login information and Payment Reference Code (see at bottom) to another person in order to pay your fee online.

Weed Research Subscription

The Society's membership includes the privilege to receive a personal copy of the Society's journal WEED RESEARCH free of charge or at a reduced price, as decided by the Board annually. 
It is not allowed to hand-over the personal copies of Weed Research to a library or other institution. The copy is for personal use only.

Membership Term 12 Months - Renewal

The EWRS Membership runs for 12 months from the first day of your Membership subscription.
Membership is automatically renewed after 12 months by paying the Membership Fee Invoice which is sent to you by e-mail in due time before the end of the 12 months period.
Membership will include the receipt by postal mail of issues of Weed Research and access online to the digital issues of Weed Research for the period of your Membership Term of 12 months.

Membership Renewal-Fee Payment Procedure

In order to pay the fee at later moment you need to follow the next steps:

  1. login to your individual administration record with Username and Password 
  2. select the tab "My Account" 
  3. choose the option "My Invoices" 
  4. click the text "Pay" behind the Invoice
  5. select the appropriate payment mode
  6. click the button "next step" and follow the instructions on the secured payment site. 

Membership Cancellation 

In case you need to cancel your Membership the cancellation of the EWRS Membership shall be requested for by e-mail to the Membership Officer. The cancellation will only be executed after payment of all existing open Membership Fee Invoices. E-mail: 

Membership Categories 

- Ordinary Member: any individual in Europe or elsewhere interested in the objectives of the Society and having declared their membership to the Secretary or the Membership Officer. 
- Student-member (BSc, MSc, PhD) (up to 35 years of age): need to send a copy of their Student_Id card without delay to the membership officer .
- Senior-member: is available for persons retired in an area relevant to Weed Research. This membership does not include the subscription to our journal Weed Research.

Change of Membership type

At anytime one may request the Board to alter the membership type. In case the Board accepts your proposal the actual membership subscription will be removed and replaced by the senior membership subscription. The altered membership will be valid at the renewal date of the existing Membership subscription.
Send your proposal to alter your membership type by e-mail to the Membership Officer . You will be informed by the Membership Officer whether your proposal has been accepted or not.      

Bank transfer – Payment Reference Code

In order to identify your fee payment electronically after receipt on the EWRS account you need to copy the "Payment Reference Code” into your first field of Remittance Information of your bank transfer order sheet.
This code will be shown during your online bank payment procedure. You therefore need to proceed through the EWRS online payment procedure. 
This is necessary because of two reasons:
a. the selected bank payment option needs to be registered in the online database for fee payment administration, related to the actual Invoice of concern. 
b. you need to inform your bank account manager to copy the Payment Reference Code in the first description field of your bank transfer order sheet (without further text in that first description field). 

Online bank transfer order procedure

  1. During the online payment procedure you need to select the option “I would like to pay with a bank transfer”. 
  2. Upon the selection of that procedure the bank account information is shown as well as the “Payment reference” code. 
  3. Use the shown option to print the bank account information and the “Payment reference” code. This code is the only information the Treasurer needs/wants to identify your payment electronically.
  4. Insert only the “Payment reference” code in the “"First Description field” of your transfer order sheet.
  5. The EWRS Fee bank account information is given in your online Invoice PDF.
  6. In case you need to pay with an international bank transfer it must be done through an “Our Cost” or “Share” order. Be aware that the EWRS prefers payment with a credit card. The online credit card payment takes the least administrative time use and is most cost effective for the Society.
  7. After payment with a bank transfer, send an e-mail to the membership officer with attachment of a copy of the relevant "Statement of Account", to enable identification of your transaction after receipt at the EWRS-BureauPost fee account.