EWRS Symposium Proceedings

The EWRS is pleased to share the proceedings of the past Symposia.

The proceedings of the 19th EWRS Symposium 'Lighting the Future of Weed Science' from 20-23 June 2022 in Athens, Greece, will be available after the next Symposium in Lleida, Spain, in July 2025. 

You can already view some of the presentations in the Blog with video recordings of some sessions.

18th EWRS Symposium 'New approaches for smarter weed management'

17-21 June 2018, Ljubljana, Slovenia: Proceedings

17th EWRS Symposium 'Weed management in changing environments'

23-26 June 2015, Montpellier, France: Proceedings

16th EWRS Symposium, 

24-27 June, 2013, Samsun, Turkey: Proceedings

15th EWRS Symposium, 

12-15 July 2010, Kaposvár, Hungary. Proceedings

14th EWRS Symposium, 

18-21 June 2007, Hamar, Norway: Proceedings

13th EWRS Symposium, 19-23 June 2005, Bari, Italy. Proceedings 

(if you download the file bookmarks will be available to seach for author contributions in the different sessions. Thanks Maurizio Vurro!)