Weed Seedling Identification course at Lleida - short report

Prof. Aritz Royo Esnal, University of Lleida:

Last week we have finished the Weed Seedling Identification course which has lasted two days and a half. We've had 14 participants from eight different countries. We started on Wednesday with an opening lecture from Dr. Jordi Recasens, followed by a two-hour lecture about monocotyledonous weed identification lecture by Dr. Joel Torra, and another two-hour lecture about dicotyledonous weed identification by myself. In the afternoon we had field practices at the University fields.
On Thursday we had four-hour practical laboratory sessions (two for monocots and two for dicots), and in the afternoon we did a four-hour excursion to visit commercial fields in Torres de Segre and Sarroca de Lleida, and put in practice the acquired knowledge.
On Friday, we have visited commercial fields in Almacelles to finally end up at the University for the course closure.
We’ve had very good time in both working and leisure activities, and we’ve had the opportunity of make good friends!


Thank you to the European Weed Research Society (EWRS), the Spanish Weed Science Society (SEMh), and the University of Lleida (UdL) for their help, and specially to all participants in the course.