Bestowal of EWRS Honorary Membership to Dr. Hansjoerg Kraehmer

Hansjörg KRÄHMER studied Biology, Chemistry and Physics and received a Ph.D. in Biology from the University of Heidelberg. He spent 40 years in Herbicide and Plant Growth Regulator Research and Market Development. He worked for different companies  and was lately based at Bayer CropScience, Frankfurt/Main, Germany. He wrote more than 50 publications, 3 books, several book chapters and filed more than 30 patents. 
Together with Peter BAUR, Competence Centre Crop Protection, Clariant, Frankfurt/Main, he published a comprehensive book on Weed Anatomy at WILEY BLACKWELL. Essential for all weed scientists, this book provides fully comprehensive coverage, including the world's 50 commercially most important species, with detailed, full colour photographs throughout. Beginning with a general overview of weed anatomy, structured in a way similar to other classical plant anatomy text¬books, this book discusses monocots, dicots, brackens and horsetails with special reference to their anatomy.

Dr. Hansjörg KRÄHMER is an outstanding consolidator of the private as well as public sector in weed research and enthusiastic promoter merging weed science and solutions for farming.
His efforts for the mission of EWRS are primarily related to the weed flora and weed mapping.
Hansjörg KRÄHMER is Past President of the European Weed Research Society (EWRS). The 48th EWRS General Assembly in 2021 accepted the proposal of the EWRS Board to welcome Dr. KRÄHMER as a new Honorary Member of our Society. 
Dr. Hansjörg KRÄHMER’s EWRS career covers: 
  • EWRS  Vice-President and Head of the Scientific Committee 2008-2009
  • EWRS President 2010-2011
  • Founder and coordinator of the EWRS Working Group “European Weed Mapping” 2009-2011
  • Right-hand moderator of the EWRS Working Group “European Weed Mapping” 2012-onwards 
  • Active contributor to the EWRS Newsletters 2009 onwards with a long series of the histology of weed species 
Other EWRS merits are:
  • Key Organizer of the 15th EWRS Symposium 2010 in Kaposvar, Hungary
  • First Author of a Review article on “Weed Surveys and Weed Mapping in Europe” (Crop Protection 2020)