Upcoming Event

Joint workshop of the EWRS "Physical and cultural weed control" working group and the "Weed Resistance" working group titled:

"Physical and cultural weed control tools and their influence on herbicide resistance evolution"

6 & 7 april 2020, Lelystad, The Netherlands

During this workshop we will have an excursion day with visit of field trials on physical and cultural weed control tools, and a visit to companies working in the field.

The second day will be dedicated to the discussion on the efficacy of physical and cultural weed control tools (crop rotation, cover crops, mechanical weeding, physical weeding), and their possible use in the context of herbicide resistance evolution and management will be discussed.

Date: 6-7 April 2020 - Welcome and arrival on April 5th

Venue: Lelystad, the Netherlands

Proposals for contributions are welcome and can be send to both Roland Beffa and Marleen Riemens, but we will send a call in due time.