Presentation of our working group


See our general Weed Mapping Working group presentation poster: Poster

Mission of our working group

We want to provide an overview on the occurrence and spreading of weeds in Europe.

The Working Group wants to exchange data, tools and methods for the assessment and spatial documentation of species and biotypes on arable and non-crop land, e.g. on amenity areas.

Our major tasks are to:

  • compare and combine data from weed surveys in physical maps
  • document population dynamics and regional weed changes
  • derive predictions for weed problems in selected areas and on selected sites
  • communicate developments in defined segments and to compare them with developments outside the EU
  • find common and most efficient rules and tools for the assessment and documentation of data

Research topics to be covered

  • Results of and conclusions from national and private weed surveys
  • Methods for the assessment and documentation of weed populations
  • European and global mapping of weeds

Proposed activities for the years 2009-10

  • Unite results of existing national weed surveys in one physical map accessible to all EWRS members.
  • Create common or exchangeable databases.
  • Analyse rules for the assessment of weed populations
  • Find ostensive maps for the description of trends

Other topics

Include more scientists in Eastern areas: Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania, Russia e.g.