Presentations - Alnarp, Sweden - 2014

Some of the powerpoint presentations that were shown during our 10th EWRS Workshop on Physical and Cultural Weed Control, in Alnarp, Sweden. 16-19 March 2014 are available below.


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List of the files available for downloading:
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 Alebrahim_2014_EWRS_Physical_Cultural_Weed_Control_Alnarp.pdf 6088870
 Ascard_2014_EWRS_Physical_Cultural_Weed_Control_Alnarp.pdf 13560313
 Brown_2014_EWRS_Physical_Cultural_Weed_Control_Alnarp.pdf 3837224
 De_Cauwer_2014_EWRS_Physical_Cultural_Weed_Control_Alnarp.pdf 3788018
 Doohan_2014_EWRS_Physical_Cultural_Weed_Control_Alnarp.pdf 1173337
 Excursion_2014_EWRS_Physical_Cultural_Weed_Control_Alnarp.pdf 735552
 Fennimore_2014_EWRS_Physical_Cultural_Weed_Control_Alnarp.pdf 7052529
 Gallandt1_2014_EWRS_Physical_Cultural_Weed_Control_Alnarp.pdf 134578259
 Hansson_2014_EWRS_Physical_Cultural_Weed_Control_Alnarp.pdf 3143038
 Huiting_2014_EWRS_Physical_Cultural_Weed_Control_Alnarp.pdf 12366350
 Johnson_2014_EWRS_Physical_Cultural_Weed_Control_Alnarp.pdf 7190167
 Madsen_2014_EWRS_Physical_Cultural_Weed_Control_Alnarp.pdf 1161445
 Raffaelli_2014_EWRS_Physical_Cultural_Weed_Control_Alnarp.pdf 3625979
 Rasmussen_2014_EWRS_Physical_Cultural_Weed_Control_Alnarp.pdf 21244912
 Rasmussen_and_Melander_2014_EWRS_Physical_Cultural_Weed_Control_Alnarp.pdf 2113250
 Ringselle_2014_EWRS_Physical_Cultural_Weed_Control_Alnarp.pdf 814495
 Smith_2014_EWRS_Physical_Cultural_Weed_Control_Alnarp.pdf 1371904
 Solter_2014_EWRS_Physical_Cultural_Weed_Control_Alnarp.pdf 10259660