EWRS Herbicide Resistance Working Group


May 21st, 2014.

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Environmental impacts

  1. Assessing the effect of changes of agricultural practices accompanying herbicide-tolerant crops on agricultural biodiversity. A simulation study with a weed dynamics model; Henri Darmency
  2. Ex-ante economic and environmental impacts of Herbicide Tolerant maize cultivation in Europe; Tillie and Dillen
  3. NK603 Roundup Ready maize I: opportunity to control weeds more effectively in soil conservation tillage systems; Soukup, J., Holec, J., Jursík, M, Venclová, V., Hamouz, P.
  4. NK603 Roundup Ready maize: II – impact of weed control strategies and soil tillage on non-target epigeal arthropods; Saska, P., Skuhrovec, J., Řezáč, M., Koprdová, S., Němeček, J., Soukup, J.

New developments

  1. Novel weed control system in herbicide tolerant sugar beet; Ruediger Hain
  2. Practical use of glyphosate tolerant ryegrass; Jaime Costa, Rafael De Prado and Ivo O. Brants

Herbicide Tolerant Wheat

  1. Resistance to imazamox in Triticum aestivum Clearfield: physiological, biological and biochemical aspects; Rafael de Prado and Antonia M. Rojano-Delgado
  2. Imazamox resistance in wheat: a new tool for control weeds; Rafael de Prado and Antonia M. Rojano-Delgado

Herbicide Tolerant Oilseed Rape

  1. Performance of Clearfield Oilseed Rape Hybrids (CL OSR) in the conditions of the Czech Republic; Baranyk, P., Malik, S.
  2. Impact of imazamox containing herbicides in Clearfield oilseed rape on the development of resistance in black-grass (Alopecurus myosuroides Huds.); Jan Petersen

Herbicide Tolerant Sunflower

  1. Herbicide tolerant varieties (HTV's) in sunflower/rice in Greece: current status and future prospects; Chachalis Demosthenis
  2. Response of tolerant sunflower hybrid from Serbia to tribenuron-methyl; Dragana Božić, Sava Vrbničanin, Marija Sarić-Krsmanović, Danijela Pavlović, Christian Ritz
  3. Optimization of ClearField and ExpressSun technologies in sunflower; Jursík, M., Soukup, J., Hamouzová, K.

Monitoring and Stewardship

  1. Imazamox-resistant red rice (Oryza sativa L., var. sylvatica) in Italian Clearfield rice crop: monitoring and risks; Scarabel L. and Sattin M.
  2. Stewardship for HT-Varieties – practical experience and future considerations; Matthias Pfenning, BASF SE