EWRS Herbicide Resistance Working Group


Workshop Objectives

We plan to take a progressive, forward looking view at the current state of herbicide resistance in Europe, focusing on current threats, solutions, opportunities and barriers to adoption of resistance management. Important questions and considerations may include:

  • What is the most effective means to document resistance in Europe? How important is it to record and report resistance? How can we ensure that European scientists contribute effectively to the International survey of herbicide resistant weeds (www.weedscience.com)?
  • Is the current study of herbicide resistance too descriptive? How do we synthesise information and add value to research that documents herbicide resistance?
  • Can we improve herbicide resistance management by better understanding the ecological and evolutionary drivers of resistance?
  • Why is herbicide resistance research mostly focused on understanding mechanisms of resistance rather than the mechanisms of selection for resistance?
  • How can understanding the mechanisms of resistance contribute to management of herbicide resistance?
  • How can advances in ‘omics technologies aid the understanding and detection of non-target site resistance?
  • What are the major principles of resistance management?
  • What limits the adoption of herbicide resistance and integrated weed management?
  • How do we improve the adoption of resistance management?