EWRS Herbicide Resistance Working Group


Important information (please read)

  • The workshop will commence at 9am on Monday 19th May and therefore it is suggested that delegates should plan to arrive during the previous day. The conference will end during late afternoon on Tuesday 20th May. The full two-day schedule has been necessary to enable the herbicide tolerant varieties meeting to schedule its meeting at the same venue on Wednesday 21st May (Click here for details).
  • A number of rooms have been reserved for delegates at the Lindner Hotel. We are still sorting out the room rate with the hotel. Delegates will have to book their own accommodation via the hotel web site.
  • The event is financially supported by the European Weed Research Society (EWRS) and by generous sponsors from the agrochemical industry. Please see Sponsorships for details. Because these sponsorships cover the cost of hiring facilities at the Lindner Hotel and the cost to provide refreshments and lunches to workshop attendees, there are no registration fees to attend the workshop, though attendees will have to pay for their own travel and accommodation costs.