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Subject Title, Author(s) and Prerequisite knowledge Learning objectives
Herbicides Title: Assessment of herbicide effects
Author: Jens C. Streibig Contact information:
Dept. Agricultural Sciences (Crop Science), Faculty of Life Sciences
The University of Copenhagen
Hojebakkegaard Allé 13
Room 20, DK 2630 Taastrup Denmark

Download or view the text: Herbicide_interaction.pdf (709 Kb)

Prerequisite knowledge (Before starting this topic you should be able to):

  • Understand basic plant physiology
  • Understand basic chemistry
Learning objectives (at the end of this topic you should be able to):
  • Unambiguously define and quantify herbicide selectivity
  • Define and use selectivity in weed management
  • Understand the basic causes of selectivity in plants
  • Understand the use of adjuvants
  • Understand the most common way of assessing joint action of herbicide mixtures