EWRS Education and Training Workshop

Scientific and documentary photography
for professionals in agriculture

Daniel Cloutier and Jens Carl Streibig

Samsun, Turkey, Sunday June 23rd 2013

This workshop was offered the day before the start of the 16th EWRS Symposium at the Atakum Campus of Ondokuz Mayıs University, Samsun, Turkey. Fourteen participants attended this workshop.

This workshop was designed to help participants take better photographs. We first dealt with the hardware and how to best use the camera controls to achieve its full potential while making photographs. This included the basic hardware, the basic controls - camera settings, and basic camera operations. A hands-on session followed where all the participants brought their camera and where we practiced how to change white balance, aperture and shutter priority on the various equipment available. Participants also learned how to display the photo’s histograms on their cameras.

Subsequently, we discussed how to improve composition skills in order to make photographs that are effective in documenting and illustrating the phenomenon observed or in conveying the information intended while optimising visual impact, precision, accuracy, and relevance.

This was followed by a critique of photos submitted by the participants. The whole group participated in the discussion and this was generally one of the most appreciated section of the workshop.

We finished the workshop by discussing the various types of supplementary equipment used by photographers and we demonstrated the use of advanced techniques such as high-dynamic-range imaging (HDR) and workflow management.

All of the participants filled a workshop assessment form and the overall rating for this workshop varied from very to totally satisfactory and we were strongly encouraged to keep offering this workshop in the future.

We wish to thank the workshop participants and to say thank you to the Local Organising Commmittee of the Samsun EWRS Symposium and especially to Hüsrev Mennan who provided us with the facilities and who made sure that our workshop was the great success that it was.

Daniel Cloutier and Jens Streibig