"Scientific and documentary photography for professionals in life sciences"

We regret to inform you that this workshop has been cancelled.



Instructors: Daniel Cloutier, webmaster (AgroByte, CA) and
Jens Carl Streibig, Faculty of Life Sciences, University of Copenhagen, DK.

It is not the type of camera, its brand name or how expensive it is that makes the image, it is how the equipment is used. This workshop is all about how to use your camera to take better photographs.

Everybody can take snapshots. This workshop intends to instruct you in how to use your camera controls to achieve its full potential while making photographs. More specifically, we intend to help you improve your composition skills in order to make photographs that are effective in documenting and illustrating the phenomenon that you observed or in conveying the information that you intended while optimising visual impact, precision, accuracy, and relevance.

Course prerequisites
Possess a camera and bringing it along with its manual of operations. Prior to the workshop, you will be given the opportunity to submit 5-10 photos that you have taken that will be reviewed in the course of this workshop.

It is often said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Photographs are often used in life sciences to document and / or illustrate a process, a technique, an experiment or a phenomenon. In weed science, for example, this means illustrating field techniques, field experiments or describing weed population spread or invasion of a given habitat, or taking photographs of a plant to help others in identifying it when they encounter that plant, etc.

This workshop will cover the various aspects of photography, from the type of camera, to their functions and on how best to obtain the optimum picture considering the ambient conditions under which the photograph is to be taken.

More specifically, we will cover:

Fees and costs
There are no fees to participate in this Workshop for members of the EWRS. Non-members will have to pay 60 € or 30 € if a student. These fees correspond to one year membership in the EWRS. If you wish to become member of EWRS, you can join the EWRS now at:


Education and Training Working Group Chair:

Jens Carl Streibig
Professor of Weed Science
University of Copenhagen