Welcome to the contributor's section of the EWRS Weed Portal

This section is intended to inform potential contributors to the EWRS Education and Training Weed Portal.

The type of material that could be submitted can be diverse, ranging from short introductory paragraphs to in-depth and comprehensive textbook chapters or documents. The scope of the topics covered can range from general, with broad views, to specialised, in depth and focused on specific problems. Other types of materials are also presented, such as pictures, references and links to similar or complementary material.

The type of material can be:

One of the conditions for us to accept your material concerns the ©.

© The material that you contribute must be copyright free (or you must own the copyright or have obtained permission to use the material) and you must be willing to have this material used by others (with proper credit).

Once submitted, the material will first be quickly reviewed by the E & T Webmaster to see to which section it is relevant. Subsequently, the material will be reviewed and possibly edited by an associate editor appointed by the Working Group core group. Afterwards, it will be uploaded to the EWRS Weed Portal. The author will be informed and consulted if any changes to the material are deemed necessary.

Each contribution (photograph, illustration, video, text, etc) will have instructions on "How to cite the Weed Portal material".
Please contact the webmaster by sending an email to: wm@ewrs.org