Coming Events 

10 November 2016

BCPC 53rd Annual Weeds Review 2016

Venue: Rothamsted, UK
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22 – 24 November 2016

70th Annual Meeting of the Canadian Weed Science Society
Plenary Session: Forensic Weed Science

Venue: Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada
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1 – 2 December 2016

4th International Fresenius Conference
"Worker, Operator, Bystander and Resident Exposure and Risk Assessment"

Venue: Mainz, Germany
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6 – 8 December 2016

23rd COLUMA International Conference: International Meeting on Weed Control

Venue: Dijon, France
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6 – 9 February 2017

Annual Meeting of the Weed Science Society of America

Venue: Tucson, Arizona
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23 – 24 February 2017

19th International Conference on Biodiversity

Venue: Paris, France
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New announcement 2 – 5 April 2017 New announcement

Joint workshop of the EWRS Physical and cultural weed control working group and the Crop-weed interactions working group: "Physical and cultural weed control tools as moderators of crop weed interactions"

Venue: Nyon, Switzerland
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14 – 18 May 2017

The 2nd Global Herbicide Resistance Challenge
"Challenge Accepted"

Venue: Denver, Colorado, USA
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24 – 28 June 2017

Plant Biology 2017

Venue: Honolulu, Hawaii
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25 – 30 June 2017

14th World Congress on Parasitic Plants

Venue: Pacific Grove, California, USA
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19 – 22 September 2017

26th Asian Pacific Weed Science Society Conference
Weed Science for People, Agriculture, and Nature

Venue: Kyoto, Japan
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1 October 2017

19th New South Wales Biennial Weeds Conference

Venue: Armidale, New South Wales, Australia
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New announcement 12 – 16 August 2018 New announcement

XXX. International Horticultural Congress

Venue: Istanbul, Turkey
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