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5th workshop meeting - Denmark 2012
University of Copenhagen, 28 - 31 May
Interdisciplinary Workshop, Site Specific Weed Management (SSWM)


Location: University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Date: 28-31 May 2012
Participants: Weed scientists, engineers, PhD or master students, and crop protection companies.
Workshop Fee: None

Within the past 5 years, technical development of camera and imaging systems have created new opportunities to automatically detect and map weed occurrence and weed density in fields. Several studies have also shown that significant savings of herbicides can be achieved by site specific weed management.

In the EWRS Working Group Site Specific Weed Management (SSWM), we have decided to invite weed scientists, engineers, master and PhD students and crop protection companies from all over the world. The workshop is interdisciplinary with a theoretical part and an experimental part aiming at measuring varying vegetation density with weed sensing platforms.

The objectives of the workshop are partly a scientific introduction and discussion of different weed sensor platforms, and partly a joint experiment with proof-of-concepts from participating research groups. A field split-plot experiment with varying vegetation density will be established at the research farm of University of Copenhagen. The main idea is to apply several sensor platforms on the same experiment using the same measurement protocol.

In addition to varying vegetation density, the experiment includes a series of different herbicides and doses. The idea of this part of the experiment is to describe the performance of the sensor platforms with the relationship between dose and vegetation responses.
Another goal of the workshop is to write one or two joint peer review articles for Weed Research,Precision Agriculture or Computers and Electronics in Agriculture..
The workshop also includes a theoretical introduction and discussion of decision algorithms and spatial variable spraying systems for SSWM.

Currently, groups from Hohenheim University, University of Copenhagen, University of Southern Denmark and Bioforsk in Norway participate with their sensor systems. Other groups are warmly welcome to attend with their sensor systems.

The workshop is held 28-31 May 2012 at Copenhagen University. The experimental cost and meals during the workshop is covered partly by EWRS and partly by Department of Agriculture and Ecology, University of Copenhagen. There is no workshop fee but you have to cover your travel cost and accommodation.
EWRS has granted the working group a small amount of money. We have decided to allocate the money to cover travel cost and accommodation for some PhD students or young engineers working on SSWM. If you are in this category, please apply for a travel and accommodation grant by sending me 1-2 page description of your SSWM activity.
On behalf of the organising committee
Roland Gerhards, Hohenheim University
Therese With Berge, Norwegian Institute for Agricultural and Environmental Research (Bioforsk).
Jens Streibig, University of Copenhagen
Svend Christensen, University of Copenhagen


Number of visitors: 2167