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3rd workshop meeting - Spain 2003
Madrid, 9 - 11 April


Wednesday 9 April 2003

09:15 Opening the workshop. Cesar Fernandez-Quintanilla and Svend Christensen Welcome to COMA/CSIC and miscellaneous information from the chairman
09:20 Lisa Rew Comparing different sampling strategies for exotic weeds in National Parks
10:00 Sanne Heijting Analysis of continuously mapped weeds
10:45 Coffee  
11:00 Monserrat Jurado Mapping weeds in sunflower crops
11:45 Therese W. Berge Kriged weed density map of sum of all species, Hestehaven
12:30 Francisca Lopez Granados How to optimize weed sampling with remote sensing strategies
13:00 Lunch  
14:30 Lisa Rew Different resolutions and sampling procedures to create weed maps with kriging
15:00 Cesar Fernandez-Quintanilla Standardizing weed measurements for wild oats
15:30 Svend Christensen Autonomous weed measurements
16:00 Coffee  
16:30 Lisa Rew Compared point sampling, ATV mapping and combine mapping for wild oats
17:00 Svend Christensen Draft specification of weed measurement standards
17.15 Plenum discussion Weed measurement standards
18:00 Free time for sight seeing, shopping, working... or taking  'siesta'  
21:00 Dinner  

Thursday 10 April 2003

09:00 Francisca Lopez Granados Assessing economic savings of SSWM in sunflower in Spain
09:30 Svend Christensen Assessing economic savings and environmental benefits of SSWM in Europe
10:00 Bruce D. Maxwell Agronomic and economic comparison of site-specific wild oat management with whole-field management in dry-land spring wheat
10:30 Svend Christensen Introduction to DAPS
11:00 Coffee  
11:30 Kirsten Semb Tørresen Decision algorithms on Danish and Norwegian weed assessments".
12:00 Jose Luis Gonzalez Andujar Spatial modeling of weed populations
12:30 Angela Ribeiro Using decision rules in the analysis of spatially variable weed populations
13:00 Lunch  
14:30 Bruce D. Maxwell Wild oat management decision support system that has grown out of many years of ecological, agronomic and economic research
15:00 Maria Garcia Alegre Technology transfer in SSWM
15:30 Lisa Rew Farmers and researchers learning group
16:00 Coffee  
16:30 Svend Christensen Space for discussion etc.

Friday 11 April 2003

08:30 Departure to La Poveda Research Station (25 km from Madrid)
09:30 Visit to SSWM experiments at La Poveda Research Station
13:00 Lunch & visit of Chinchon, a typical small agricultural town
16:00 Return to Madrid
17:00 Arrival in Madrid





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