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1st workshop meeting - Denmark 2000
Bramstrup, Odense 20-22 November

Monday, 20 November

09:00 Opening of the workshop

Workshop I: Spatial variability, statistics and mapping

  • Els Vrindts, Weed Distribution on Belgian Fields - Optimal Scales in Site-specific Weed Management
  • Nicola Perry, Spatial population dynamics of patches of wild arts and Alternative methods of manually mapping weed
10:30 Coffee

Workshop II: Weed and crop sensing

  • Gerhard Wartenberg and Karl Heinz Dammer, Practical experiences in developing techniques for site specific herbicide treatment
  • Louis Assémat, First results with automatic weed detection in maize
  • Karel Klem and L. Nedbal, Fluorescence imaging - a new tool for weed sensing
12:30 Lunch
13:30 Niels Langkilde, Introduction to Bramstrup

Workshop III: Weed and crop sensing

  • Naomi Jones, The technology to variably apply
  • Preben K. Hansen, Leaf area estimation of crop and weeds using computer vision and image processing
  • Svend Christensen and Henning T. Søgaard, Autonomous crop and weed monitoring
15:30 Coffee

Workshop IV: Weed management

  • Henning Nordmeyer, Weed mapping and decision modelling
  • Torben Heisel, Weed Mapping Spray Technology – Q & A
  • Haldor Fykse, Norwegian activities in SSWM
  • Svend Christensen, Possibilities and trade-offs between spatial monitoring, mapping, decision making and spraying
19:00 Dinner


Tuesday, 21 November


Workshop V: Precision spraying

  • Ken Giles, Precision identification and treatment for weeds in high value crops in the Western U.S.
  • Ivar Lund, Spray systems – Transport of droplets and sprays
10:30 Coffee

Workshop VI: Industrial perspectives and future research and development

  • Hardi International, Mikkel Seierø
  • Aventis, Oluf Juel
  • DuPon, Lars Bybjergt
  • Novartis, Tom Robinson
12:30 Lunch
13:30 Workshop VII: Discussion of the future objectives/projects, themes, next workshop, etc
15:30 Coffee / closure of the workshop




Number of visitors: 1715